The Positive Impact Creative Agency

It’s time to create

The time is NOW. 

Children understand what it means to be creative but unfortunately as we grow we lose grip on what this really means. We think we are not creative because we can’t draw very well and sometimes this is a mindset set up at school and carried through our whole lives.

You ARE creative.

If you are human then it’s an intrinsic part of who we are. We can’t avoid it. To use this creativity is vital for our happiness and for our growth. To be creative is not about an end product, it’s not about being talented or being able to create something that can be admired by others. Creativity is a process – its time spent using your hands and your mind to create something that represents you in a given moment. If you can’t paint or draw then that doesn’t exclude you… you can bake, dance, sing, play an instrument, arrange flowers, write poetry, compose a song, play lego with your children, sew, knit, quilt, craft some pottery or decoupage… the list truly is endless.

Using our time creatively changes how our brain works, it increases the connections we make in logical thinking and can help us solve problems in new ways. It makes us happier, calmer and allows us the freedom to truly be free.

Can you afford NOT to be creative?